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About the chef

Executive Chef CHICKEN FIESTA Haiti

Jun 2010 - Present 11 yrs 7 mos Chef Johanne’s culinary journey began in 2000, after earning her BS in Tourism and Hospitality at NYU. She decided to pursue her career further by enrolling in ICE, one of the top culinary institutions in New York City formally known as Peter Kump. Taking both the culinary and Pastry program, she learned the fundamental values of the arts. Taught by world-renowned chef instructors Pastry Chef Toba Garret, Marcus Samuelsson, Gerri Sarnatarro and Nick Malgieri. There she was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

After graduation, she was offered a chance to continue her studies abroad in Shanghai, China. at HIAS she was introduced to the world of food/cake competitions where she and her teammates won several medals for their School. She fell in love with Asia; from there she decided to go out on her own. She studied with many of the locals and their families. She traveled to several regions known for specific culinary traditions. She researched and learned of the different skills and techniques unknown in the USA. She combined her education in Thai, Chinese and American cuisine with her Haitian background. She infused them all and developed a taste that is her own. She is the fourth generation to inherit her great-grandmother’s delicate palate for good taste and the eyes to see the beauty in anything unworthy. Her great-grandmother was known for her unusual obsession to play and experiment with whatever harvests that was in season.

In 2010 after the earthquake, she opened Chicken Fiesta. She decided to put some of her Great-grandmothers talent and recipes to good use supporting the local crops and productions by incorporating and presenting our traditional food by taking it to a new culinary hype.

Chicken Fiesta has a unique and distinct flavor, which is what, sets them apart from all other restaurants in Haiti. They only use the finest and most authentic ingredients in their kitchen and most importantly, they have fun doing it.